Monday, May 16, 2011

Wireless-n 300 Router with Dsl Modem Review

Wireless-n 300 Router with Dsl Modem
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After doing a lot of study about available options, I decided on the DGN2200 DSL modem. In short, this product is everything it promises to be.
I experienced no problems whatsoever from the moment I took the unit out of the box. Setup was easy and the product worked flawlessly from the start. The speed and coverage is impressive and it is a noticeable jump in performance compared to my previous router with 802.11g wireless. The 802.11n is a huge jump in performance and coverage and my wife "can't believe" how fast our DSL service is.
I did have to call Netgear once to ask how to set up a DSL modem with an ISP who didn't use PPPoe login and password; they were extremely helpful and the wait time on hold was less than 30 seconds. All in all, setup was a snap.
I also set up a USB network drive for backups and the ability to connect a shared drive on the network is a big plus.
If you're looking for a nice bump in performance, especially as it relates to wireless connections, this wireless modem is a great choice.

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Wireless-N 300 Router With DSL WRLS modem

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