Monday, May 2, 2011

Samsung 4 G Mobile HotSpot Verizon review

Introduction and design:

Within two years to review the Novatel MiFi 2200 was Verizon active Verizon first 3 G mobile point. Since then things have changed, especially with the addition of 4 G LTE network. So it comes as a surprise, that there will eventually be a hotspot to make use of. It is precisely what we have here-the Samsung 4 G Mobile HotSpot SCH-LC11.

The appearance of the hotspot Samsung 4 G MiFi 2200 is similar to the, as it has a black plastic construction, and is relatively thin and compact, measuring only 2.32 "h x 54 w x 3.0.48" D "and weighing just 2.7 oz. This allows Samsung 4 G hotspot made almost everywhere … lommenBilen Cup holder, back-pack, etc. This is included in retail box is a 1500mAh battery, microUSB wall charger and user guide.

In front of Samsung 4 G hotspot available notification LEDs to Show, if you are in an area 4 G or 3 G, which will be green if the signal is strong or yellow is weak, and an indicator for Wi-Fi, which will be green while in standby mode or blue flashing during data transmission. The power button will also be green while the device is in. Although we want LEDs as such Overdrive bright and easy to see from across the room, hoping that an LCD screen, such as the Novatel and Sierra highest 4.100 Pro for Sprint, which will provide multiple oplysningersom battery and signal level.
Along the side of the device is a microUSB charging port, which can only be used for invoicing, not for a related online data when connected to a PC via microUSB cable. When you remove the back cover, there is a small button link, WPS, who also serves as a reset button if held, and the battery is below 4 G SIM card slot.

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