Monday, May 2, 2011

Novatel USB551L 4 G USB modem for Verizon review

Introduction and design:

So far, Verizon has implemented two 4 G USB modem, LG and Pantech UML290 VL600, we will have taken a look earlier this year. USB551L is the new Novatel 4 G USB modem will be available from Verizon, but there is every reason to choose it from the other two models? Let's see …

The first thing we noticed about Novatel USB551L is that it is less comprehensive (3.46 "H x 1" W x 38 0.99 D) and lighter weight (1.23 oz), which makes it more compact and easier to use and store. It is all black plastic design is nothing unusual, and there is a small lid behind, you can remove the Insert SIM card G 4.

What we wonder is how does USB connection as a flip-out design link, and when the device is connected to the computer, the modem, standing at an angle of 45 degrees. This is different from LG VL600, who has a mobile protective wrapping plastic over the USB connector when not in use, and when it is connected to your computer, the device-side sticks straight out, not up to an angle of 45 degrees.
Include USB551L modem Novatel is a USB extension cable with a built-in clip to attach to the side of the screen notebook that can help some people get a better signal reception. Unfortunately, these USB modems does not contain any LCD screen, but has only one component status lights on them, which shows the network connection 4 G, 3 G, although it can also display by using the software.

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