Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vertu Constellation Quest now coming with full QWERTY Keyboard

A Nokia, Vertu makes smartphones with beautiful patterns. The constellation Quest is a new collection of luxury phones and the latest model of the future Vertu. This is the first ever unit of Virtue, which has a full QWERTY keyboard. The phone is the phone E63, E71 and E72, but since it bears the name of Virtue and the logo will be more luxurious. The estimated cost of the search for Constellation to be in the $ 4,000 - $ 7,000 range.

Constellation is a detailed exploration of luxury design, such as sapphire crystal buttons accents, touches of gold and white skin on the back panel. You can enroll in their teaser site, where you get the rights to a specialty store and see a preview of the Vertu phones, and other services. Nothing is known about properties Constellation Quest.

Vertu is a British manufacturer and retailer of luxury mobile phones. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Finnish Presidency Nokia mobile phone manufacturer. For mobile phones in the same line as the luxury watch manufacturers like Rolex, IWC and Patek Philippe is the concept of society. The most expensive model of society is the Signature Cobra, at £ 213 000. The phones are made from expensive materials like gold, sapphire (for the mobile screen), rubies, leather goods (for bearings) y. Each mobile is hand made at its plants in Church Crookham, Hampshire, England.

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