Friday, October 15, 2010

Skype 5 Beta for Windows with Facebook Integration Features

Skype Beta 5 has been officially through Skype for Windows. Comes with the particularities of the Facebook integration. As usual, a new version of Skype for Windows offers free calls if you can talk whenever they want. After hitting publish on the Web, Skype Beta 5 is available online for public download. Skype Beta 5 is included with the biggest changes, like adding photos to your contact list and the new form of Facebook.

Entity, such as video calling is also added in Group 5 beta versions of Skype, which automatically switches the focus to the speaker, so it is easy to follow video chats with large groups of people. Your News Feed is set by the Facebook Skype new tab. You can also send messages, comments and updates, as you would any other customer in Facebook. With a few clicks, users can send SMS to mobile or your friends in Facebook Facebook easier Skype directory. Also performs automatic recovery system automatically calls that reconstructs reconstructs call when he fell.

Quality Manager, Skype Beta 5 offers real-time information or the quality of video calls, as well as suggestions to resolve any problems. Skype Home, a new dashboard, it is basically a user input contact mood messages, which sounds strangely Twitter-ish, but it is also a way to get the tutorials in all, Skype does not. Skype also has some interesting statistics available, 40% of all Skype-Skype minutes used during the six months was for video calls and Skype users spend an average of 520 million minutes a day to call people with Skype's new version of the declaration.

Main features of New Skype for Windows:

Free Skype-to-Skype calls.
Cell phones and mobiles.
Free instant messaging.
Send text messages (SMS).
Free video calls.
Forward calls to a phone when you’re offline.

Download Skype 5 Beta with Facebook Integrated from

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