Thursday, October 14, 2010

Opera will release Opera Mobile for Android Phones

Team Opera announced that Opera going to release Opera Mobile for Android in next month. News of this has been reported in the North on the Web today. available for all versions of Opera Mobile Android also includes two new features. New features include hardware acceleration and a bit of zoom. This is undoubtedly the next generation of mobile navigation.

Opera Mobile to work at breakneck speed. Go to a page will be faster than ever, and improved user interface will be memorable. All this is possible, maximizing the power available on the phone. Hardware acceleration allows us to do amazing things as a bit of full zoom at all sites. It also allows us to interact more easily with your phone browser to improve your experience!

The current version of Opera Mobile and Opera Mini has two levels of zoom. One for the width and zoom in to read. With a pinch zoom you can choose your own level of zoom as Opera Desktop. The text will now be made on a per character level, and zooms, will be a fluid width page zoom down to the text you want to focus on.

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