Thursday, October 21, 2010

Apple Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Review and Release Date

Apple introduced the new version of its Mac OS X operating system is known as a lion (Mac OS X 10.7) to a special event in Cupertino-based Mac on Wednesday to reach the market in 2011. In this case began, Steve Jobs, looked back at Leon iOS Mac performance.

Apple held a special media event in San Francisco, Tuesday, Oct. 20. Steve Jobs is the CEO of Apple, said: Leo brings many of the best ideas of IPAD back to Mac, plus some fresh new mission control and that Mac users will really Lion has a host of new features and . We hope the years, we had time to watch today will give users a good idea of where we go.

Apple decides to release a Mac App Store for 90 days from Wednesday to use the snow leopard. Steve can provide the "Back to the Future" as its latest new kind Mac OS X Leo is certainly more intense, it has a beauty that is incomparable with the premiere of Snow Leopard.

New Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is absolutely incredible. With the launch of Mac OS X 10.7 Leo, Apple takes the eighth major release of the world's most advanced operating system. Mac OS X Lion comes a time in the summer of 2011.

The Mac App Store:

Mac App Store is the best place to discover and buy new applications. Mac App Store offers plenty of options to browse and buy applications, such as running the App Store on iPhone, iPod touch and IPAD, where you can find a way to install applications on your Mac with one click, the new application is downloaded, installed and ready for easier access. The application is available to re-download and you can keep your applications updated.


The dashboard facilitates immediate access to your programs in the style IPAD where an application gives the user to find and launch an application easier and even compare it to the home screen of the IPAD, you can already see all the programs on your Mac in one eye by clicking on the icon in your Dock Launchpad.

Full-screen apps:

Mac OS X Lion, you get no joy in those who are reading as a swipe trackpad iPad. IPad, all applications are displayed full screen without distractions. Mac OS X Leo is similar to your desktop. E-level support system for full-screen applications to make them bigger and more involving.

Mission Control:

For Mac OS X Lion, the mission control is a key feature and useful to a new genre that offers a comprehensive view of what is running on your Mac, including Exposé, Spaces, Dashboard, and full-screen applications in a one place. You can access everything you see on the inspection mission with a single click. Here you can see the open windows grouped by application, thumbnail images of the application in full screen, dashboard, and even other areas.

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