Monday, September 6, 2010

Tata Motors planning to launch deluxe Nano by 2012

Nano Europe, the advanced version of its draft budget Nano car for European markets. Nano is the cheapest car so far to set foot in the automotive market in India and has been welcomed by the people of India.

Deluxe Nano is like Tata Motors is working on an advanced version of its budget for car markets in Europe, called the Nano Europe, which was also presented at the Geneva Motor Show last year. The company sees the launch of the car Even in India, where he gets ready for its debut in Europe. Deluxe Nano would be a more powerful engine and sport comfort and safety features such as power steering, airbags and ABS.

The new version of the Nano will have a powerful three-cylinder MPFI engine with a five-speed automatic transmission. The interior of the car will also be refurbished and the car could get a longer wheelbase. Additional features such as airbags, power steering and ABS to give the car to the limit when it comes to security.


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