Tuesday, August 17, 2010

YuuGuu for freeWeb conferencing

Do you run a small to medium business or are you a part of a team that specializes in marketing products/services? Or maybe you are a sales professional who wants to make a niche in the global arena. Let us say that you have been chatting up a prospective client over the phone and trying to sell you product. Now, you must give a live demo and walk him through the entire process. So, what do you do? Courier the product with a demo kit? Mail him a brochure? Or show your product or collateral at the click of mouse?

With YuuGuu, you can make use of business class instant messaging and create a foundation for your collaboration. Basically, YuuGuu is an integrated IM platform that helps employees connect with clients and peers in real time. The newest tool, yuuGuu Corporate, brings together a lot of features including business classinstant messenger, web conferencing, enhanced session security and toll free audio conferencing.

What makes YuuGuu stand out

With YuuGuu corporate, you can embed web conferencing in your website, have an integrated toll free audio conferencing service, enjoy better session security and ensure simple scheduling. What’s more, this service will improve the ROI on online collaboration and web conferencing by leaps and bounds.

A great alternative to several other web conferencing tools, YuuGuu has been created especially for sales professionals and other users who want to opt for easy web conferencing.  The advantages are many the programme is simple, affordable, reliable and involves no participant downloading allowing users to embed a web conferencing entry page in their website.

The programme provides both local and toll free dial in numbers for audio conferencing in the USA and also covers most countries in Europe and Australasia. There are many other security features including random session code generation and the ability to connect with known users outside the organization. The unique codecs built into the programme ensure that encrypted and secure instant messages and screen data are transferred swiftly between participants.

For entry level download, you can use YuuGuu’s services for free. But here, you can hold a conference with only five participants, Other packages may cost you between $15 and $25 per month. The website does not disclose the pricing for larger group sign-up, but you can always ask for a quote.

How to use YuuGuu

Using YuuGuu is simple and easy. With this application, you can hold your own web conference any time and from anywhere across the globe. And you will be ready to share your screen with you online friends or business associates in no time. So, here we go.  

– Just download the setup and follow the installation wizard. This version is available for Linux and Mac users (10.4 and higher). In the Windows version, you will see a window like several other instant messengers. Click on the option ‘No: I Want to Sign UP’. Now, fill in your basic information to create an account with YuuGuu.

Once the sign-up process is complete, you will see awindow, Now, search through your e-mail address book to add contacts, You can also link your account to Skype and other popular IM services like Yahoo! And AIM.

– For Skype lining, choose Skype as the account you want to link to and grant YuuGuu access. Click on ‘Finish’.

– You can share your screen in more than one way through Skype or any other instant messenger or with anyone who has a computer with a web browser and an Internet connection.

– In the main YuuGuu window, there is a tab labeled ‘Webshare’. Click on this to get the link with an access PIN and a phone number, as well as a PIN to dial if you want to use audio.

– When the guest viewer clicks on the link or copies and pastes it in the browser, he/she will be asked his/her name and the PIN for the one on one web conference.

– Once he/she logs in, a chat window will pop up on the right side of the screen. In this window, you can type back and forth while others get the live view of the screen on which you are working.

The free account will have some limitations and you will have to get a paid plan to get more benefits. So, get going and enjoy one to one web conferencing with YuuGuu. 

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