Monday, August 30, 2010

use office software that is original and free

What’s the big deal about free office software,” you may ask. After all, most of the computers in India do equally well with pirated versions of MS Office that cost zilch. But the idea is to use original software, so that you will have free access to all upgrades and there will be fewer chances of virus or malware attacks. We, therefore, bring you some of the best alternatives to the popular MS Office suite. Here we go. Open office is a multi platform and multi lingual office suite which can be downloaded, used and distributed for free. It is as good as MS Office and performs the entire task that the latter is designed to do. If you want to download the software, go to It is also available on the website of SunMicrosystems ( The best part about OpenOffice is that it is compatible with all other major Office suites. So you won’t be facing any problem if you want to open documents created in MS Office.

There is another option available which is sure to intrigue you. IBM is finally gearing up to mount a serious challenge to Microsoft’s dominance in the software arena. And the challenge comes in the form of the free software called Lotus Symphony that includes a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software. While these two Goliaths of the IT industry battle it out, it is the consumer who is likely to have the last laugh with lots of freebies coming his/her way. So download Lotus Symphony for free from

Another good alternative is ThinkFree which can be accessed from It offers 1 GB free storage and all you need to do is to create an account. After that, you are free to access its online features just as you do in Google Docs. Also, the interface for each application is similar to MS Office including the toolbars, icon and functions.

There is no dearth of users claiming that Zoho offers the best online Office suites. To confirm how much credence lies in the claims, you can start by creating you own account at the website By patronizing Zoho, you can do all that you can with Google Docs – access, edit and share documents from anywhere in the world. You can also import these with other account holders and post your documents for public viewing. Also try Zoho Wiki, an intuitive, user-friendly application that allows you to build your personal apace on the Web.

Finally, you have the Google Docs which also offers free Office suites. In fact, many software analysts have proclaimed that Google Docs can well prove to be the biggest threat to Microsoft’s dominance in the field of Office software. If you are familiar with the working of Google Docs, you are probably already hooked to the concept. Once you log in to your Google Docs account, you can import documents, spreadsheets or presentations created using any PC based program me or you may choose to create fresh ones from scratch.


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