Sunday, August 8, 2010

Samsung Smile:) Review


  Let us tell you the phone with the worst name ever, Samsung:). The:)-which we refer to as no smiley from here on out-thank goodness is as bad as his name; This is a crucial features portrait slider considering all specifications, but what does this works well.offers a full QWERTY keyboard, 1.3-megapixel camera and a microSD expansion.


Samsung Smiley is a radical departure from T349 design replaces, a phone line with SureType keyboard; this time smiley is a well-designed image slider with a full keyboard, similar to strive and fitting. It is a good size and fits comfortably in your hand, and although they do not have a soft-touch coating the back has a texture, thanks to an embossed effect pattern.

Samsung Smiley :) Review
You can compare the Samsung Smile:) with many other phones, using our imaging tool.

Screen QVGA 2.6 has 262 K colors to have a crisp appearance. the following is a cluster of six-key navigation with a 5-way d-pad in the Center. no specific messaging key, the user can customize something messaging, inbound, social Buzz app, IM or other. has the volume rocker near the top and microSD slot on the left side of your phone., microUSB port for charging and data and a dedicated camera key to the right; the camera is located on the back of the slide, and it can be used only when the phone is opened.


Also available is the when slid open keyboard QWERTY.Samsung makes no standing and smiling sliders well is no exception ... the keyboard has a good feeling and despite the small keys have no problem to write accurately.Samsung has used a combination of the colors black and blue, with some red accents is nice and offer a bit of class in the phone.Samsung Smile:) 360 degrees view:

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