Thursday, August 19, 2010

Record Computer Keystrokes Secretly with Keylogger

Before we get into the nitty gritty of what the keylogger can do, it is important to understand what exactly it does. Simply put, a keylogger is a specialized hardware that is fitted to a software programme, a keyboard cable or a keyboard. This application is used to record every keystroke made via the keyboard. It can be extremely handy for parents who want to track their children’s online activities or an employer who wished to keep a tab on an office worker.  Keylogger is also widely used by spy agencies and law enforcement organizations to access sensitive data and collect evidence.

However, like all good things in life, this programme, too, is susceptible to misuse. For instance, a hacker can use the keylogger and illegally retrieve crucial data such as personal identity information, credit card numbers, bank account details, login names and passwords. So, on the flip side, keylogging can pose a serious threat to computer users by leading to invasion of privacy, data theft and fraud. Malicious keylogging software can also infect computers via malware, spyware, viruses and the Trojan horse.

If you suspect that someone is using keylogger to retrieve vital information, opt for a good anti-spyware and anti-virus programme and also activate the firewall. Be careful when you open e-mail attachments, surf mainstream websites or download anything from the Internet. You can also get your personal computer checked by a professional to avoid such surreptitious attacks.

Key features
– Logs keystrokes and is case sensitive
– Works both in hidden and standard modes
– Registers disk changes, Internet connections, websites visited and starup/shutdown
– Watches clipboard content
– Record all print activities
– Creates screenshots quickly
– Generally stores all information in encrypted log file
– Logs can be password protected
– Can create the report in html and text format and then send it via e-mail
– Resistant to antivirus software
– Quick installation, easy usage and flexible configuration system

Who will benefit

– System administrators who keep a tab on all office computers.
– CEOs/managers who want to monitor office work.
– Parents who want to supervise their children’s online/offline activities
– Cyber cafĂ© owners who want to scan what customers are doing.
– Anyone else who wants to check what’s happening in his/her absence.

How Steel Keylogger Works

This software application cannot be recognized by most of the common antivirus programmes available today and, therefore, works efficiently. Actually, this version does not connect to the Internet. So, all your data will be quite safe from malicious attacks. In order to download and use Steel Keylogger, do the following: 

– Steel Keylogger is available on several Torrent websites and the programme will contain two files – both below 40 KB in size. So, you can download it quickly and it will never weight too much on the system.

– Go through the Readme.txt file carefully to understand how the programme and its features work.

– To use the application, right-click on the Steel.exe file and select the option ‘Run as administrator’

– The process will task a while to install the programme.

– Once installed, the programme will display an interface with four partitions: A ‘Log Window’ that shows the keystrokes for the last 30 seconds, option to ‘Stop or Hide’ the programme, a checkbox to enable\disable logging the clipboard content and a status window.

– To use the programme, click on ‘Options’ and check both the boxes against ‘Hide on Startup’ and ‘Auto Startup’. You can also specify the location where you want to save the logs. Click on ‘Save Location’.

– Now, every time you computer is booted, the application will be activated, but it will be hidden from view.

– You can see detailed log report by using Notepad. To active the interface again, use the combination CTRL+SHIFT+F8. 

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