Saturday, May 8, 2010

HTC Desiré review

It all started with the DROID Motorola back in 2009, but things got quickly, with all the bustle and excitement around the operating system that escalated when Google announced a relationship (a device manufactured by HTC) at the beginning of 2010. This added fuel to the fire for HTC fans began to dream of a similar device that is equipped with the famous interface HTC sense instead (preferred by many). This device could not be introduced until MWC in 2010, which will finally found it would call HTC wanted. So, how high-tech buffs tense began count the days ...

But enough history. The important thing is what HTC, finally reaching the most powerful Android mobile phone manufacturer for date and we got our hands on it. There is no way we can compare the specifications for a draw and no notes the differences are minor ... several important distinction between them is what HTC has additional 64 MB of RAM, IE.576 MB instead of 512 MB. view a detailed comparison of the two available via this link mobile phones.

There is nothing revolutionary or truly innovative in connection with the desire of the HTC

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