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Canon DC310 Review: Simple and Fun

Canon DC310
There is diopter controller at viewfinder - pleases for people that wearing eyeglasses. The Viewfinder is so bright; unhappily cannot be lifted or fixed.

Simplicity is the theme carried by Canon at this DC310 camcorder. Can be look from its physical which almost clear of button.

Way of using it so easy, not necessarily to open the manual book. First of all, of course place battery which its energy has been filled. Then shifted lens cover slider in frontage towards under. Then, open its LCD screen. Moreover, shift switch in right side towards On position.

Don't forget to place appropriate mini DVD to slot in right side. To open the slot, shift slider with Disc Cover tags at backside unit towards Open and waiting until its cover opening. Lie down camcorder in left side, then lifted mini DVD door, and enters the disc. Press it, and close mini DVD door. Then wait until DVD ready to be used.

Because addressed for newbie, there is available Easy mode. At this mode, all setting has been done by camcorder - we ready to use it. To start records, just press white button in backside for start/stop records. If you want the object seen closer, draws the zoom handle above the unit towards right, and towards left to make it seen normal again.

But if you want having an experiment, removes slider towards P. At this P mode, you can arrange for example white balance, zooming speed, or whether we wish to exploit setting for certain situation, like nighttime, spotlight, sunset, snow, or fireworks.

Among arrangement, there is one interesting namely LCD Light On. This facility changes LCD screen to become light source (video lamp) in dark room. It easy to use it; just press Set, then turned around LCD that now all of its panel having white color, and applies viewfinder to look the object .

With all its facilities and simplicities, especially the easy mode, Canon DC310 is very suitable for newbie user.

Canon DC310 Specification

Resolution pixel: CCD 800.000 pixel
Photo resolution (min/max): 640x480/1024x768
Video resolution (min/max): Not mentioned
Connection type: AV
Format video: Not mentioned
Photo format: JPEG
Audio format: Not mentioned
Recording media: Mini DVD (DVD-R/R DL/RW), SD/SDHC/MMC Memory
Lens size equivalent-35mm (mm): 2,6 - 96,2
Aperture setting (wide/tele): F/20 - 52
Zoom: 37X optical (Advanced Zoom 41X); digital 2000X
Shutter speed (second): Not mentioned
Closest best focus (macro): 1cm
Diagonal LCD: 2,7" TFT color wide screen, 112.000 pixel
Viewfinder: 0,35" TFT color wide screen, 114.000 pixel
Battery type/ re-charge: Lithium-ion (7,4V 720mAh) / yes
Battery charger: Available
Dimension: 6,6 x 9 x 12,6 cm
Weight without battery /memory: 380 grams
Other equipment:
• Manual Instruction
• Adaptor + power cable
• AV Cable
• DVD ROM driver, application, and manual

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Canon HV20 HDV Review: Pro Handycam

Canon HV20 HDV
This handycam hardly suited for the newbie filmmaker. Various feature and quality which usually available at middle-up camcorder class presented at this handycam.

Can be said, only the lens which cannot to be detached and replace is differentiating Canon HV20 HDV from serious class camcorder. The lens with 10X optical zoom ability is equipped with image stabilizer to reduce shocking and blur of video picture record. We try the Focus Assist facility; the focus becomes more precision and responsive. The record result to detail/texture also has above average value.

When we test the handycam, we have time to ask around why its video picture color not vibrant and tends to soft-focus. In fact, 1/2,7 inch CMOS light sensor at Canon HV20 HDV is produces video picture character which "film-like".

1920 X 1080 pixels (19:6) video picture and PAL standard rotating speed (25 frame per second) what yielded no longer have the interlace character, but has applied progressive scanning system. So, this handycam records video picture of progressive scanning system into mini DV cassette which the standard using interlace scanning system.

Manual control systems also become "secret weapon" of Canon HV20 HDV. Although manual focus doesn't provide focus ring, but there is a focusing dial button which its speed can be set manually. More, there is shutter speed controller facility from 1/2-1/2000 seconds. This facility hardly helps when we try to record the video in low light condition and also fast moving subject.

Canon HV20 HDV has manual diaphragm control (iris) from f/1,8 to f/8. Wide diaphragm (small number) besides helping when recording in low light condition also gives slight depth of field to isolate object with mix of high optic zoom. While the thin diaphragm (big number) supports wide depth of field when recording landscape.

Result of video record can be transferred to computer through Firewire (IEE 1394) connection or looked on in plasma TV via HDMI connection. Canon HV20 also provides connection slot of Firewire connection, HDMI, and also Composite A/V. Moreover, Analog to Digital Passtrough connection also added at Canon HV20. This slot recognized also by the name of AV-DV input conversion, good for digitalization of analogue video. USB connection is also available to transferring photo file. If you want to save the photo into flash memory, there is available Mini SD slot.

We impressed with the availability of various slots which supporting addition of vital equipments in film making process. Mini jack slot for headphone enables you to monitors voice input. Hotshoe accessories enable video lamp addition to help lacking of light.

Slot for microphone minijack enables you applies better addition microphone (directional or boom) so can reduces bothering voice. Although, the two built-in microphone on the top body of Canon HV20 HDV able to yield stereo voice record and can reduce wind trouble when recording in outdoor.

Canon HV20 HDV pertained as handycam which rich of professional video record feature. We dare to recommend to all newbie home based user, film maker, and videografer.


Light sensor resolution: CMOS 1/2,7 inchi. Total resolution 2,96 megapixel. Effective resolution 2,07 megapixel.
Video resolution (min/max): 1920 X1080 progressive, 25 fps
Photo resolution (min/max): 640 x 480 / 2048 x 1536
Connection type: Firewire (IEE 1394), USB, HDMI, Composite A/V, S-Video.
Video format: HDV
Photo format: JPEG
Audio format: MPEG1 Audio Layer II, PCM
Record media: Mini cassette of DV, memory card Mini-SD.
Lens zoom: 10 X (equivalent with 6,1 mm-61 mm)
Digital zoom: 200 X
Aperture/diaphragm/iris: f/1,8-3,0
Shutter speed: ½- 1/2000 seconds
LCD Diagonal: 27 inch
Battery type: Lithium ion, rechargeable.
Battery charger: available
Dimension: 88 X 80 X 138 mm
Weight: 535 grams
Warranty: 1 year
Price range: USD 1395

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Does When u Double click on Drive... New Window opens?

Whenever ppl double-click on any folder in Computer,

it opens in a new window even if selected the option “Always open folders in same window” in “Tools -> Folder Options”.
For this kind of Problem

Download following zip file, extract it and then run .REG file and confirm the action:


Updated trick for enabling Folder option

Many times Windows users face a common problem. The “Folder Options” in “Tools” menu is not visible. Even It can’t be accessed from Control Panel. Also “Registry Editor” is disabled.
Follow the simple steps mentioned in this tutorial and your problem will be solved:

1. If Folder Options is disabled but Registry Editor is still working in your system, then you can enable Folder Options by editing Windows Registry.
Type regedit in RUN dialog box and press Enter.
it’ll open Registry Editor, now go to following keys:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Policies\ExplorerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Policies\Explorer
In right-side pane, check whether a DWORD value named NoFolderOptions exists or not? If it exists, delete it.

2. If you are not familiar with editing the registry, then you can simply download following file, extract it and then run the .REG file:

If u cant run regedit ....
Seems like your system is infected with a virus. Pls follow following link:

Some ppl find that "show hidden files and folders" option ll not b enabled..
though enabled they cant c the hidden folders...
for that dont worry
--open RUN
--type regedit
--HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Explorer\Advanced
And in right-side pane, change value of “Hidden” to 1 and refresh My Computer window and you’ll be able to see hidden files again

Secret Codes for Nokia

Codes :
1) *#06# For checking IMEI(international Mobile Equipment Identity)
2) *#7780# Reset to factory settings
3) *#0000# To view software version
4) *#2820# Bluetooth device address
5) *#746025625# Sim clock allowed status
6) #pw+1234567890+1# Shows if ur sim as any restrictions

Friday, July 25, 2008

Mio Moov 380: Full Touchscreen GPS Phone

Mio Moov 380
The presents of GPS feature in a cellphone, now is becomes a new trend. So, along the increasing of this trend, Mio Company which known as GPS device vendor is also take the opportunity to bring the new trend. Its newest product, Mio Moov 380 now is planted by cellular ability.

Actually, this big device is a GPS, with ' MioMap 2008' onboard map. But, the presents of GSM triband (900/1800/1900 MHz) technology and Win CE .Net 5 operating system, makes it more complete.

For the CPU (Central Processing Unit), this GPS peripheral relies on made in Samsung 2442. With processor speed in processing data until 400 MHz.

Besides, Mio Moov 380 also added by some cellphone standard feature. For example, 2 MP Camera, SMS, GPRS and microSD memory card slot.


Dimension: 129mm x 78mm x 123mm (50"x31.5"x7.5")
Weight: 164 grams
Display: 4,3” TFT with touchscreen Flat Panel
Resolution: 480 x 242 Pixels (WQVGA)
GPS Chipset: SiRFstarIII
Battery: 720 mAh
CPU: Samsung 2442-400 MHz, Built-In Speaker
TTS: depends on Country, SiRFInstanFixii
Operating System: Win CE .Net 5
Display orientation: Landscape
Network: GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz, SHIM Card Slot, USB 2.0
Navigation Software: Miomap 2008
Equipment: MicroSD Slot, Microphone, Earphone Jack 2.5 mm

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Rovio: Spy Robot with Wi-Fi

Rovio is a robot equipped by webcam. Applies WiFi technology which controlled by streaming media. With this gadget, you can watch special places, family, looking after animal and house from everywhere.

To ease the spying, Rovio is equipped by camera with elastic handle. It’s bendable to all directions. More, anything seen and heard by Rovio, you can know also through its display in PC, video game device or cellphone through the internet network.

Via NorthStar Navigation software help, that integrated with micro GPS system, Rovio automatically can reach the target or knows the location of object accurately, via the guidance of this navigation mapping systems.

This robot also functioned as security guard. What more interesting, Rovio designed to do battery recharging individually, by the way returning to its base.

Rovio Specs

Software: NorthStar Navigation System
Battery: Built-in rechargeable
Wheel: 3 omni directional wheels
Camera: VGA CMOS sensor
LED: Night Illumination
Feature: Speaker, Microphone, USB, WI-FI connectivity
PC: Compatible with Pentium 3 Processor or as of level of its, 256MB RAM, USB, device connected to WAP (Wireless Access Point) to attached to PC, Hi-Speed internet connection
Browser: Internet explorer 6 or higher (required for two directions audio communication)
Operating System: Windows XP or Vista

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Asus U6S Review: Taft Performance

Asus U6S
Asus U6S is inversed approach from Fujitsu Lifebook P8010. If Lifebook P8010 places forward the mobility, Asus U6S is more underline the performance. That thing is seen from inside component specification. Not only because the usage of Intel Core 2 Duo T7700 processor (fastest Intel notebook processor nowadays), but also because the existence of stand alone graphic card, nVidia GeForce 8400M GS 128MB. For your info, the 12,1" class notebook usually only applies onboard graphic card.

GeForce 8400GS actually is including entry-level graphic card, but it’s already can give uppermost 3D gaming ability. Asus U6S successfully reaches great score (1068) at 3DMark 2006, far above the other notebook which using onboard graphic card (300-500).

The usage of GeForce 8400GS also enables Asus to planted HDMI facility. The existence of HDMI in 12,1" notebook which doesn’t have Blu-ray and HD-DVD feature of course questionable, however its still a feature which differentiating Asus U6S with other notebook in its class.

Besides HDMI, feature provided by U6S it’s complete enough. Wireless facility is provided by WiFi a/b/g and Bluetooth, whereas the cable connection is provided by Ethernet. To keep the data is available 120 GB harddisk, which contributed by DVD Writer peripheral. As extras feature its available 0,3MP webcam and fingerprint scan and SIM Card slot (not available for all country).

Though has great machine, this 1,6 kg notebook still try coming up 'beautiful'. This thing seen from the chocolate cover which wrapping the palm rest. The outside which having chocolate nuance also gives elegant impression, and reminds me at former Asus “leather notebook”, Asus U1. The keyboard consisted of 85 balmy buttons. Unhappily, the similar excellence is not found at touchpad and its buttons. The Touchpad felt less sensitive, whereas the button felt hard to be press.

Because its form is small, 12,1" class notebook usually is associated with standard performance and limited facility. But not Asus U6S. The performance is uppermost, and the line of facility seen equivalent (even higher) compared to 14"class notebook. Asus U6S price is around US$ 1659, which felt good match for facility given.

Asus U6S Review
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T7700 ( 2,4GHz, 2MB cache, FSB 800MHz)
Chipset: Intel PM965
Graphic Card: GeForce 8400M GS 128MB
Harddisk: 160GB, SATA
Optical drive: DVD Random Access Memory DL
Feature: Wi-Fi, LAN, Bluetooth , modem, card reader (5-in-1), 3 USB, FireWire, Webcam, Express Card, HDMI, Fingerprint Scan, UMTS Slot
Display: 12,1", 1280×800 pixel
Sound Card: Realtek ALC888 HD-Audio
Operating system: Windows Vista Ultimate
Battery: 2400 mAh, 7800 mAh
Dimension: 30,2×22,5×2,2-3,8 cm
Weight: 1,6 kgs
Price range: US$ 1659

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Fujitsu Lifebook P8010 Review: Small and Beautiful

Fujitsu Lifebook P8010
Lifebook P8010 it really an ideal partner for mobile person. Not only because the existence of UMTS slot, but also because its 1,3 kg weight (lightest 12,1 inches notebook we have tested) and its thin design (only around 3cm). Even small, all facilities are available, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DVD Writer, card reader, until the fingerprint scanner. It’s also available Shock Detection facility which will lock the harddisk if fallen down.

But for inside component, compensation is a must. To take care of temperature and power consumption, Lifebook P8010 applies Intel LV (Low Voltage) SL7100 mobile processor (2GHz). This processor is 60% smaller compared to Intel Low Voltage notebook processor generation before all, so that more power economically and generates minim temperature.

The processor choice of course assists to lengthens the battery duration, seen from its endurance when play on High Definition film continuously during 2,5 hours. But this processor is less suited for heavy-weight computing, so that lag enough when pass the test of video encoding or 3DMark 2006. Lifebook P8010 is designed for standard computing activity like office works and internet browsing.

About the Internet access, we get no difficulty to connect to Internet applies cellular network. After installing SIM card behind the battery - is meaning you must take off the battery before installing it - Lifebook P8010 direct recognizes the card and we just need to enter SIM card setting to access Internet through 3G Watcher application.

Internet access speed can be higher if you stayed in good signal coverage because Lifebook P8010 supports access level until HSDPA (3,5G).

If till now your back felt stiff because has to bring the notebook all day long, Fujitsu Lifebook P8010 is your savior. With 1,3kg weight, this notebook has light weight, even if it is compared to other 12,1” class notebook. And differs from small computing product like UMPC or personal digital assistant, this notebook has more powerful computing ability, though applies Low Voltage processor class.

Fujitsu Lifebook P8010 Review
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo SL7100 (2GHz, 2MB cache, FSB 800MHz)
RAM: 1GB, DDR2 PC5300
Chipset: Intel GS965
Graphic Card: Intel GMA X3100
Harddisk: 200GB SATA
Optical drive: DVD±R DL
Feature: Wi-Fi, LAN, Bluetooth, modem, card reader (5-in-1), 3 USB, FireWire, Webcam (1,4 MP), PCMCIA, fingerprint scan
Display: 12,1inches, 1280x800 pixel
Sound Card: Realtek ALC262 HD-Audio
Operating system: Windows Vista Business
Dimension: 28x21,2x3-4,2 cm
Weight: 1,3 kg

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Sony Vaio FZ25G Review: Thin with Bright Screen

Sony Vaio FZ25G
Sony is known as the notebook with cool design, and it returns in this FZ25G series. One of important factor which making this notebook seen classy is its thin body (flimsiest part only 2,9cm at the time of closed) and the combination of silver color in external side and black in the internal side. Classy impression is also seen from circular multimedia control panel in upside of keyboard, which facilitates us to control this notebook multimedia side.

Sony Vaio FZ25G itself is 15,4" a notebook which positioned by Sony for multimedia segment. Besides the existence of control panel as we describes above, the segmentation also seen from HDMI facility which enabling us to plug in this notebook to TV (with HDMI facility) to look on High Definition format film. This notebook is also equipped with good speaker quality to play your favorite song.

But the most special multimedia ability from this notebook is its screen. Firstly sees it, we directly like the screen great feature which is so light and sharply, with accurate color.

This thing is stand-out when we implement Eizo Test program, because this notebook can show difference of black color gradation of 6% - 8% clearly; shows high contrast ratio from the screen applied by Vaio FZ25G. According to Sony, the bright screen is the effect of Clear bright High Color LCD 90 technology which also applied in its Bravia series TV.

One thing that always did by Sony at its notebook is its fully equipped software. At this notebook, line of software already installed, starts which related to DVD Creation, Video & Photo until music. Partly mentioned here is DVD Creation (to make DVD Movie), Roxio Easy Media Creator (file backup), Movie Story (video editing), Adobe Premiere Elements (video editing), and Vaio Media to share file in local network.

So many software can be ranked as plus value of FZ22G, but also able to become boomerang because fulfilling the harddisk; especially if it a boatware (loading when notebook booting). So, it’s better to choose which software that you needed.

With great screen quality, Sony Vaio FZ25G can present picture detail with finely. Its thin form and light weight (for 15,4"notebook class) increasingly adds attractiveness of this notebook. But the performance of this notebook not as good as if compared to one class notebook likes Acer Aspire 5920G. Sony Vaio FZ25G is more matched for you who placing forward the design and screen quality factor.

Sony Vaio FZ25G Review
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 ( 2GHz, 2MB cache, FSB 800MHz)
RAM: 1GB, DDR2 PC5300
Chipset: Intel PM965
Graphic Card: Geforce 8400M GT 128MB
Harddisk: 160GB SATA
Optical drive: Pioneer DVD±R DL
Feature: Wi-Fi, LAN, Bluetooth, modem, card reader (5-in-1), USB (3port), FireWire, Webcam, Express Card, HDMI.
Display: 15,4 inch, 1280x800 pixel
Sound Card: SigmaTel STAC9872AK
Operating system: Windows Premium Home Vista
Battery: 4800mAh
Dimension: 35,6x25,5x(2,9-4,1) cm
Weight: 2,63 kg

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G4 Titan Heatsink: Stylish Cooler Pad

G4 Titan Heatsink
Nowadays, notebook cooler, or often called as Cooler Pad, can be said become a popular notebook accessory. This accessory more or less can lessen temperature yielded by notebook so that notebook is becomes cooler and comfortable to use. One of cooler pad which we tested is G4 Titan.

G4 Titan has good enough design. Both sides have a hole, so that the user can use it in the reverse side and arrange the wind direction which out from four fans which attached in it. To turn on its fan, connect one of your USB port with cable power which provided.

Looks from its measure, this G4 Titan suited to apply with notebook which has 12" to 17" size. Its form also compact because its width can be arranged. Be careful when applies this cooler pad, because the surface seen smooth and unsteady to hold up the notebook, though have been equipped with rubber prop.

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Asus R2E Ultra Mobile PC

Asus R2E Ultra Mobile PCAsus has launched the R2E Ultra Mobile PC , the very innovative product that contains a lot of features and is also compact in size. Being small in size, it will be a unique solution for users who want on-the-go computing.Though small in size, it has got a good configuration. It comes with Intel Stealey A110 (800MHz) processor, a 7-inch WVGA LCD with Touch Panel, a 1.3 MP

Panasonic ToughBook CF-U1

Panasonic ToughBook CF-U1The ToughBook range is generally more about rugged performance than cutting edge components. It was therefore a surprise when Panasonic announced that it would be launching a product based on the Atom platform a few months ago, and even more of a surprise that it's the first UMPC style device to hit the market with Intel's new chip. So, the ToughBook CF-U1 is stuffed full