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UMPC Review - HTC Advantage X750 UMPC

UMPC Review - HTC Advantage X750 UMPCThe ultimate mobile office: refined and up-rated. More power, more control, more performance. The HTC Advantage has just received a hardware and software upgrade, and is now called the X7510. HTC has bumped the storage to a massive 16GB of internal flash memory, coupled with finger gesture recognition and an improved tactile keyboard for intensive

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

BenQ Joybook R43 Review: Unique with Competitive Price

BenQ Joybook R43
City light beauty becomes the inspiration for BenQ in designing this Joybook R43. If you paid attention, at notebook up side there is combination of line and point pattern.

But this is not an ordinary pattern. Points at the pattern can be blaze, so that when combined with black color which covered notebook, will look like building lamp silhouette at town.

The unique, light power source to turn on the pattern is 'borrows’ screen backlight, so that doesn't require addition power consumption. Besides, its brightness level also depends on brightness setting which we do at notebook screen.

Joybook R43 is BenQ newest notebook for 14,1" class. This notebook has various segments, can be seen from its processor usage variant. Starting from Celeron to Core 2 Duo newest generation (Santa Rosa).

We test Joybook R43 with T7250 (2GHz) processor, 1GB memory, and 150GB harddisk. Price for this notebook is US$ 799 (without operating system), which can be said cheap for as of class notebook.

In fact, there is a reason behind the competitive price. Chipset applied by Joybook R43 is SiS 671DX, non chipset from Intel like the one is applied by other notebook in its class. The usage of chipset is a few influencing the performance.

Can be seen from the 3DMark 2006 result which only 122; not so good compared to notebook which uses Intel GM965 chipset that get scores 381. In other test application is also seen the weakness of Joybook R43 though processor applied by R43 is better.

A notebook standard facility has been available in this notebook, like Wi-Fi a/b/g, Bluetooth, Express Card, card reader, and DVD Writer. But there is no camera facility, so that you must apply separate Webcam to do video conference

After using it in few moments, we satisfy with this notebook design. The physical felt steady, without bothering heat. Its screen seen bright, whereas the speaker felt great when listens to music.

Only one is annoying, that is Ctrl button position which no longer positioned in left under and replaced by Fn button. We often to use Ctrl button when typing, so that disturbing enough when use Ctrl button in the new position.

Is your computing activity using many 3D application like playing game or watch HD Video? If yes, BenQ Joybook R43 is not suitable for you, because its 3D ability is not so good.

But if you do many office applications and internet browsing, this notebook is interesting choice. Not because its design, but also the price which so competitive. As comparison, as of class notebook like Acer Aspire 2920-301G25Mi is sold above US$ 1000. Celeron version from R43 only sold at US$ 569.

BenQ Joybook R43 Review
Price range: US$799
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 (2GHz, 2MB cache, 800MHz)
Chipset: Sis 671FX
Graphic Card: Sis 351 Mirage 128MB
Harddisk: IDE, Hitachi 150GB, 5400rpm
Optical drive: DVD Writer
Feature: Wi-Fi a/b/g, Bluetooth, Card reader, USB (3x), Express Card.
Display: 14,1", 1280x800 pixel
Sound Card: Realtek ALC883
Operation System: Windows Vista Home Premium
Battery: 4800 mAh
Dimension: 33x25,2x3,5-4,4 cm
Weight: 2,3 kgs

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MSI Wind PC: Asus PC 900 Competitor

Another mini notebook is coming. After Asus and HP, now MSI is join in the club. This Taiwan producer which is more knowledgeable as motherboard producer informed soon will launch a mini notebook with white, blue, silver, and pink color choice.

Its name is MSI Wind PC. Its weight is around 1kg, so that ease and light to brought in hand. Differs from Asus offers, Wind PC will come directly with a 2,5" harddisk (80GB), and not SSD (solid state disc) which its price is still expensive. While for the operating system, MSI figures in Windows XP.

Even its weight is only 1kg, MSI Wind PC equipped with 8,9" LCD screen, or equal with second generation of Eee PC Asus (Asus PC 900), and HP Mini Note 2133. But MSI adds larger screen choice, which is 10". That screens carries resolutions 1024x600 pixel - enough for Internet browsing requirement.

Other facility is 1,3 megapixel Webcam, 7 hours battery, 1GB RAM, and Bluetooth. Keyboard is promised to be equal to keyboard at ‘normal’ notebook. The keyboard not only having good texture but having more wide distance between the buttons, 17,5mm, so its will please the user.

What about the processor? MSI has not said it. However, MSI informed will apply Intel Atom 1GHz - 1,6GHz chip, possibly Diamondville.

MSI Wind PC price is also a mystery. According to some sources, the notebook which will be launched in next June (at Computex exhibition) would launch with the US$ 470 - US$ 1100 price.

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WinFast palmTop TV Review: Watch and Record

WinFast palmTop TV
Watching TV program using notebook is pleasing enough. Besides as supporting facilities in a trip, it’s also able to be applied to record your favorite program. WinFast PalmTop TV is presented by offering function and facility that is interesting enough. Applies USB connection as power and data connector, this peripheral doesn’t require additional adaptor so that more practical.

Its physical is like a mouse, and at side part there is a port to transfer video audio. This port figures in an extension cable for requirement of analogue connection that is covering s-video and composite.

As usual this peripheral equipped with bundle application that is PVR application and the video editing application. The PVR application itself is functioning to catch TV signal with interesting facility inside it. Its ability for example is doing recording process from various inputs starts from VCD format to DVD, sleep timer, teletext, automatic scanning, schedule recording, display PiP (picture in picture), snapshot to channel surf. All the functions can be operated easily through shortcut or remote control. The remote control is having thin form of compact enough, but for user with big hand will get tricky when using it. A few regrettably, WinFast PalmTop TV doesn't provide FM tuner function hence automatically is not provided recording audio function. But PVR still able to played audio format.

When plug to notebook or PC, peripheral recognized directly and you just need to enter the CD driver and its support application. Installation automatically will provide special folder for video capture or recording file. Besides is also installed all supporting codec types to playback and also recording process.

WinFast which launch many TV tuner variant this time come up attractive enough. Installation and usage easiness plus PVR application ability becomes the great feature of WinFast PalmTop TV. Its small form of course more addressed for notebook user, even PC user also can apply it.

WinFast PalmTop TV Review
Type: External
Interface: USB 2.0
Input system: A/V Input (s-video, composite, audio), TV antenna
Video format: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, WMV
Audio format: WAV, MP3, MID
Picture format: JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG
Compatibility: Windows XP SP2
Bundle software: Ulead Videostudio 9 SE, Ulead DVD MovieFactory 4 SE, Ulead Cool 3D SE, WinFast Movie Pack 1.4
Equipment: - A/V Cable
- USB cable
- Mini remote control
- Warranty card
- Driver CD and video editing software

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Kodak Easyshare V1253 Review: High Definition at Compact Camera

Kodak Easyshare V1253
Main promise of this compact digital camera is the record ability with photo quality 3000x4000 pixel size. This thing clearly seen at camera backside which dominated by 3,1 inches LCD screen with ratio 16:9, typical of High Definition (HD) format. Lens carried by Kodak V1253 nor questionable because made by Scheider Kreuznach Variogon manufacturer, with focal length 35 mm and optical zoom ability of 3x (equivalent with focal length 37-110 mm at 35 mm conventional camera).

This camera equipped with face recognition system. Camera will focusing automatically if there is people face inside the frame and gives ideal lighting. As a whole, photo result in bright day gives good color quality. Kodak V1253 records skin color goodly, although has tendency of cold color at other photo objects.

If you will buy this camera, be ready with big external memory card, because Kodak V1253 only figures in 32 MB internal memory. In our test, we try uses this internal memory to make a picture with high definition photo quality setting. The result, interval time required by camera to ready make a next picture is so long. This interval time decreases when making a picture and records photo into external memory. External memory card type supported by Kodak V1253 is SDHC, MMC, and Secure Digital.

At Kodak V1253 is available image stabilizer feature to avoid camera shake or anticipates moving photo object. Unhappily, this facility works digitally, not mechanically at lens so that in its test not worked maximally. Moving object is also anticipated by boosting up the high ISO setting so that photo pixel becomes more natural.

Even can’t be said compete handycam in the video recording business, Kodak Easyshare V1253 gives great enough video record result in Mov (Quick time) format. Video frame measure is having HD format, and so do the sound record in stereo format because recorded with applies two mikes at front of camera. Be careful when holding this camera to record video, because both microphone positions are easily to be closed by hand.

As a whole, Kodak Easyshare V1253 can give rich color quality and sharp focus. Video record quality in HD format is also can be said good. But this camera is not suitable if applied to make a moving object picture because less maximum image stabilizer ability.

Kodak Easyshare V1253 Review
Resolution (pixel): 12,1 Megapixel
Photo resolution (min/max): 1280 x 960 pixel / 4000 x 3000 pixel
Video resolution (min/max): 320 x 240, 30 fps / 1280 x 960 pixel, 30 fps
Record media: SDHC, MMC, SD, Internal memory 32 MB
File format (photo/video): JPEG EXIF v2.21 / Mov Quicktime
Lens focal length (equivalent 35mm camera): 3X Optical zoom (37-111 mm), 5X digital zoom
Aperture (diafragma): f/3.4 – F/5.3
ISO/ASA: 64 – 3200
Shutter Speed: 8 Second – 1/200 second
Micro Focus: 5 cm
View finder: No
LCD Diagonal: 3,1 inches
Connection: USB 2.0, A/V output Dock, Kodak camera/printer dock
Battery: Lithium Ion
Battery charger : Dock, USB cable, AC 5 volt Adapter
Dimension: 101,9 x 54,6 x 23,4 mm
Weight: 155 gram (without battery)

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UMPC Review - Samsung SPH-P9200 UMPC

UMPC Review - Samsung SPH-P9200 UMPCSamsung company has released a new design of UMPC,UMPC SPH-P9200Innovation nature of the device comes with a full keyboard. However, not deprived Samsung P9200 and communications capacities: Available support Wi-Fi, WiBro and HSDPA.P9200 is equipped with a 5-inch display, which permission is 800×480 pixels, the processor VIA C7-M, operating at a frequency of 1

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UMPC Review - Lenovo Ideapad U8 UMPC

UMPC Review - Lenovo Ideapad U8 UMPC Lenovo is releasing the sexy new Ideapad U8 with Intel’s newest Atom processor. The Ideapad U8 device features a 4.8-inch touchscreen display and bullseye, an optical mouse, EDGE or 3G data, “Live GPS,” hand written note taking, and support for MS Office applications.It’s also got a 12-key numeric pad and don’t expect to see a Microsoft OS,

UMPC Review - Gigabyte M700

UMPC Review - Gigabyte M700The company of Gigabyte has launching a pair of mobile device at CeBit in this year, the VIA-based UMPC M700 and the Centrino Atom (Menlow) powered M528 MID. The latter device is running on the exact same reference design Aigo is using for its MID, and the Linux OS seemed altered but certainly of the same stock -- and still really half-baked. Specs include an 800MHz

UMPC Review - Gigabyte U60

UMPC Review - Gigabyte U60Genuine Microsoft®Windows®XP Homeor Genuine Microsoft®Windows®XP Professional VIA® Esther Mobile Technology VIA Esther ULV C7-M (1.0GHz, 400/800MHz, 128KB/128KB L2) VIA VX-700 UniChrome Pro II Graphics Integrated DDR2-533 768MB on board 6.5'' TFT-LCD WVGA, 800x480, with LED backlight Integrated 300K Pixel Web Camera Dimension: 190*120.8*28.3 mm Weight: 740g Professional

UMPC Review – Gigabyte M704

UMPC Review – Gigabyte M704· Genuine Microsoft®Windows®XP Home· VIA® Esther Mobile Technology· VIA Esther ULV C7-M (1.2GHz, 400/800MHz, 128KB/128KB L2)· VIA VX-700 UniChrome Pro II Graphics Integrated· DDR2-533 768MB on board· IDE HDD 40 / 60GB support· 7" touch screen, full page resolution 1024x600· Integrated 1.3M Pixel Web Camera· Dimension: 190*120.8*30.3 mm· Ultra portable feature of 780g·

UMPC Review - UMPC RIM 1000

Medion has officially launched its debut device in the ultra-mobile PC arena: the UMPC RIM 1000, first seen at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year. At the same time the manufacturer announced its latest sat nav GPS device - the GoPal S2310. Medion UMPC Rim 1000 The the UMPC RIM 1000 incorporates a VIA C7-M 770 ULV processor - chosen, we were told, over an an Intel processor to prolong battery

UMPC Review - OQO Model 02 UMPC

OQO, an innovative PC maker, has unveiled its new improved UMPC model, called 02. OQO has slashed the price of the entry-level PC by $200 (approx. Rs. 8000). The company has boosted the hard drive space of the entry-level model 02 to 40GB from 30GB. The middle-level and high-level models get 80GB of storage capacity, expanding from the previous 60GB one. The mid-range UMPC comes with 1GB of RAM.

UMPC Review - Samsung Q1 UMPC

World’s first ultra mobile PCBased on a new form factor developed by SAMSUNG Electronics, Intel and Microsoft, the Q1 combines the capabilities of a PDA, MP3 / PMP, GPS system, tablet PC and storage device in one sleek and stylish mobile device.Windows XP pro tablet edition· Full capabilities of Windows XP Professional· Run Windows XP-compatible programs· A powerfull development platform·

UMPC Review - Samsung Q1P UMPC

Operation System Operating System Genuine Windows® XP TabletProcessor Processor Intel® Pentium® M ULV Processor 723 (1GHz, 400MHz, 1MB)Main Chipset Main Chipset Intel 915GMS + ICH6MMemory System Memory 1GB (DDR2 400MHz/1G*1)Memory Type PC2-3200 (400MHz) DDR2 SODIMMMemory Slot 1 Slot SODIMMDisplay LCD 7″ WVGAGraphic Graphics Intel® GMA 900 (Int. Gfx.)Graphic Memory None (Shared)Multimedia Sound

UMPC Review - Samsung Q1U-CMHP UMPC

Imagine endless possibilities from an Ultra Mobile PC than you ever thought possible. With an HSDPA cellular data modem, the Q1U-CMXP allows for limitless connectivity options. It’s a no-compromise, high-performance UMPC and provides ultimate accessibility and versatility for all your on-the-go computing needs. With a Q1 Ultra UMPC, more choices mean you never have to settle.designed to go

UMPC Review - Samsung Q1UP-XP Ultra Premium UMPC

Ultra Premium UMPCPure freedom. Total convenience. That’s what the SAMSUNG Q1 Ultra Premium Ultra Mobile PC gives you in the palm of your hand. Now you can enjoy more digital entertainment, communicate easier and stay informed anytime, anyplace. Can’t seem to slow down your fast-paced life? Take it all with you wherever you go. Fueled by a 1.33 GHz CPU and 1 GB of high-speed memory, the Q1 Ultra

UMPC Review - Samsung Q1U-V UMPC

Ultra Mobile PCImagine endless possibilities from an Ultra Mobile PC than you ever thought possible. Equipped with a new split-QWERTY built-in keypad, a high-speed, Intel Ultra Mobile processor and exceptional battery life, the SAMSUNG Q1 Ultra provides ultimate accessibility and versatility for all your on-the-go computing needs. Weighing in at no more than 1.5 lbs., the Q1 Ultra reflects the


Sony VAIO VGN-UX280P UMPC - Intel Centrino Core Solo U1400 1.2GHz, Bluetooth, 802.11a/b/g Wireless, Wireless WAN, 1GB DDR2, 40GB HDD, 4.5″ WSVGA, Windows XP Professional SP2 Sony VAIO VGN-UX280P UMPCThe Sony VAIO VGN-UX280P UMPC is so small and lightweight you won’t believe it’s a full-functioning PC. But this remarkably compact dynamo is designed for productivity on the go. With a 4.5” wide

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Sony VAIO UX Series VGN-UX490N/C Premium Micro PC (UMPC) with 1.2GHz Intel Core 2 Solo Processor U2200 CPU, 1GB (1×1GB) RAM, 48GB NAND Hard Drive, Intel GMA 950 Graphics, 4.5″ Wide/Touchscreen Display, Bluetooth, 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi, AT&T EDGE Broadband, Windows Vista Business, 1.2LB Ultra-portable performanceAbout the width and height of a postcard and at only 1.1 lbs.1 with standard battery,

UMPC Review - Vulcan UMPC FlipStart 1.0

Version: 1.1GHz,1GB,30GB,XP,Office The FlipStart is the groundbreaking mini PC, backed by Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen, that gadget lovers and mobile technology aficionados have been eagerly anticipating. As the smallest clamshell-chassis ultramobile PC on the market, the FlipStart literally adds a new dimension to this genre. Consequently, it feels just like a miniaturized PC, save two aspects

UMPC Review - Nokia UMPC N810

This review is based on the Nokia N810 running OS2008, firmware version 2.2007.50-2 (released in December 2007). System SpecificationsCPU400MHz Texas Instruments OMAP2420OS Internet Tablet OS2008 (Maemo Linux)Memory 128MB RAM, 256MB FlashStorage 2GB internal memoryExpansion MiniSD card slot (supports up to 32GB)Compatible with miniSD and microSD (with adapter)Supportedfile formats Audio: AAC,

UMPC Review - Asus UMPC R70A

All that a little cooperation here. Allow for all the attitude of one person, then, it was clean. No - one stop me from R70a although pleasant to play around. Looking for a much smaller and more than R2H/E, the typical fashion of Vista run UMPC 1.6ghz (slowly) to the central processing unit of Atoms. If the predictions are right about the Aatomic 1.6ghz almost immediately as soon as the Celeron

UMPC Review - HTC Shift X9000 UMPC

That’’s not the only embarrassing thing. Within 5 minutes of opening the Shift the battery icon changed to ‘warning’ as I entered the last 20%. I’ve had to connect my Tekkeon which kind of defeats the object of taking such a small device. I knew it would happen. Every time I pick the Shift up im worried about battery life. I cant even leave it on standby as it loses 2% an hour. Just half a day

UMPC Review - Ubiquio UMPC 701

It seems that summer is finally upon us. Great. Lots of warm weather, cricket on the telly and barbecues in the garden. Unfortunately, there is a downside to the sunny season – and that’s having to put up with 13 weeks of listening to supposedly intelligent people banging on about a bunch of idiots on the telly. Yep, it’s Big Brother time again, and I’m afraid to say I just can’t see the

UMPC Review - Viliv UMPC is extremely portable

Looks like Viliv is going to jump onto the UMPC bandwagon with the unimaginatively named Viliv UMPC. It runs on the latest Intel Menlow platform that supposedly gives greater power efficiency compared to older chips, but then again I wouldn’t expect the battery life and performance to take such a big jump since hardware manufacturers will take advantage of the added speed and efficiency by

UMPC Review - Wibrain UMPC B1

If you’re looking for a very functional, easy to use, relatively powerful handheld UMPC with a fantastic screen and a good range of accessories, at a very good price, the Wibrain is possibly the device for you. Available since the beginning of the year for an entry price of $699, this handheld Windows PC will appeal to CarPC fans, digital photographers, mobile videoblogggers and anyone wanting a

UMPC Review - Stylistic ST5111 Tablet PC

UMPC Review - Stylistic ST5111 Tablet PC Main Features• Core 2 Duo U7600 / 1.2 GHz ULV• Centrino Duo• RAM 1 GB• HDD 80 GB• GMA 950• Gigabit Ethernet• WLAN : 802.11a/b/g• TPM• SmartCard reader• Vista Business• 10.4″ TFT 1024 x 768 ( XGA ) Improving on the award-winning Tablet PC, the Fujitsu Stylistic ST5100 Tablet PC offers technology advancements to keep pace with the versatility of today’s

UMPC Review - UBiQUiO 711

UMPC Review - UBiQUiO 711 Take the power and versatility of Windows Vista with you wherever you go. With its sleek & lightweight design, the UBiQUiO 711 allows you to work efficiently when away from the office as well as stay entertained and informed wherever you may be. It is ideal for mobile business users looking for a laptop or PDA replacement, or students going to school, college, or

UMPC Review - Sharp Willcom D4 WS016SH

UMPC Review - Sharp Willcom D4 WS016SH Sheen according to the three data “WILLCOM D4″ is the response OAM W-W-SIM PHS communications using the integrated wireless LAN (IEEE802.11b / g compliant) data from the cradle sold separately LAN-equipped terminal in fixed line use data, three ways.Accepted scene according to choose how to connect the Internet where everybody can enjoy. Image: three scenes

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Sony Cybershot DSC T-70 Review: True Gadget

Sony Cybershot DSC T-70
Gadget which interpreted as a device to grasp felt fit attached to Sony Cybershoot T-70 digital camera, because its measure which really can be grasped. The body which made from aluminum alloy material also makes this camera felt steady.

Though optical zoom attached at lens is only 3X, but zooming mechanism designed to take place in camera body, makes this camera so brief and ergonomic. Besides made by famous lens factory of Carl-Zeiss, lens at Sony Cybershot equipped with image stabilizer mechanism which will prevent unfocused picture as the result of camera shake or photo without flash lamp.

Buttons size made to be small, causing a few difficulties for big finger user. This thing so disturbing, for example at the time of user will change lens focal length passed zoom button at top of camera body.

Most of navigation controls based on touch screen. LCD screen measure that is big enough makes touch screen function becomes so ease. Unfortunately, stylus is not available. Protector and stylus must be bought separately.

When we try makes a picture with best photo quality, interval time between shutter button releases pressing with photo recording almost not felt. We tolerate it, remember that Sony Cybershot DSC T-70 powered by Bionz processor which is functioning to quicken photo process and lessens noise at photo.

If at most compact digital camera class pixel is starts look plain and disturbs at ASA/ISO 400, hence at Sony Cybershot T-70 noise starts to stand-out at ASA 800. At bright weather and enough lights, Sony Cybershot gives rich color photo result. Meanwhile, picture quality at low lens focal length mode (small optical zoom number) shows more soft-focus characteristic than picture recorded with big lens focal length mode. As a whole, this camera gives photo result which tending has inclined contrast but richer tonal distribution (dark - bright) compared to other compact digital camera.

This digital camera also figures in face and smile detection facility. Smiling object can trigger photo taking. This facility can be deactivated if not required.

In our record ability test at available light condition, this camera difficult to find focus so that its result often not sharply. In condition like this, fill-in-light is hardly required.

As small size camera, Sony Cybershot DSC T-70 can give good record result. Its ability to minimize noise grain in ISO 400 making it remains great at minimum light condition. So, this camera is well-matched for user which required briefness and handy.

Cybershot DSC T-70 Review
Resolution (pixel): 8,286 Megapixel
Photo resolution (min/max): 640 x 480 pixel / 3264 x 2448 pixel
Video resolution (min/max): 320 x 240 pixel, 8,3 fps / 640 x 480 pixel, 30 fps
Record media: Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick PRO HG Duo
File format (photo/video): JPEG / MPEG1
Lens focal length (equivalent 35mm camera): 3X Optical zoom (38-114 mm), 6X digital zoom
Aperture (diaphragm): f/3.5 – F/4.3
ISO/ASA: 80 – 3200
Shutter Speed: 1/2 Second – 1/2000 second
Micro Focus: 1cm
View finder: No
LCD Diagonal: 3 inches (16:9)
Connection: USB 2.0, Dock
Battery: Lithium Ion
Battery charger: Yes
Dimension: 90 x 56,4 x 20,7 mm
Weight: 128 gram

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Olympus SP560UZ Review: Supreme Lens

Olympus SP560UZ
For compact digital camera class, reach angle from Olympus SP560UZ lens felt special. Can be seen from its 18X optical zoom number which equivalent with lens focal length 27-486 mm at 35 mm camera. This focal length is ideal to record nature panorama, sports photo, or even animal photo.

This focal length number can increase if at lens is attached by tele converter TCON-017 series and ring adapter CLA-10 (optional) and will make lens focal length to reach 826 mm. If it combined with digital zoom feature, hence Olympus SP560UZ will have focal length till 4626 mm. At our test, several times this camera experiences slow focusing process when lens positioned at highest focal length (optical zoom 3X).

To get best photo result, when making a picture of moving object, it is better if you applies Sport/Action photo mode in order to get high shutter speed for balance the camera shaking and freezes object movement. If needed, activates the burst facility at Olympus SP560UZ to record some frame at the same time (15 frames per second) in once shutter release buttons. To anticipate camera shake which can cause blur photo, this camera figures in image stabilizer mechanism which will change light sensor position and powered by TruePic III processor.

One of superior feature at Olympus SP560UZ is Shadow Adjustment. In our test, this feature is functioning well and so helping to correcting shadow at object which out of reach by fill-in-light. Similar function with Shadow Adjustment is Face Detection mode. This function will detect the existence of face people at shoot frame and automatically gives ideal lighting for face. Moreover, Smile Shot photo mode detects smile at the face in shoot frame, then triggers shutter release. However, Olympus SP560UK still having weakness when recording high contrast object. At border part of contrast photo (usually is border line between darks and bright part) there is often a color that disturbing. This thing called as chromatic abrasion. At our test, chromatic abrasion comes up in purple trim lines form.

If you will make a picture with slow shutter speed or even with long lighting time (bulb), we suggest to apply low ISO/ASA style. In our test, photo with long lighting time and high ISO will make pixel becomes harsh so causing TruePic processor to do noise reducing. Picture will become blur and losing the detail.

As a whole, at enough light condition, this camera is good enough to records color.

Olympus SP560UZ gives good enough result. Suitable for user that love to travel and require various record angles like panorama and also significant photo object enlargement.

Olympus SP560UZ Review
Resolution (pixel): 8,0 Megapixel
Photo resolution (min/max): 640 x 480 pixel / 3264 x 2448 pixel
Video resolution (min/max): 320 x 240 pixel, 15 fps / 640 x 480 pixel, 30 fps
Record media: - xD Card
- Internal memory 47 MB
File format (photo/video/audio): RAW, JPEG / AVI / WAV
Lens focal length (equivalent 35mm camera): 18X Optical zoom (27-486 mm), 5,6X digital zoom
Aperture (diaphragm): f/2.8 – F/4.5
ISO/ASA: 50 – 3200
Shutter Speed: 1/2 second – 1/2000 second
Macro focus: 1cm (Super macro)
View finder: Yes, with diopter correction facility
LCD Diagonal: 2,5 inches
Connection: USB 2.0
Battery: AA (4X)
Battery charger: Yes
Dimension; 116 x 78,5 x 78 mm
Weight: 365 gram

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

HP Pavilion dv2608TX Review: Glossy Pavilion

HP Pavilion dv2608TX
Glossy looks of course gives elegant impression at a product. HP also launches their Pavilion series in glossy taste which not only beautiful but also had smart specification that consumers need.

Pavilion dv2608TX is one of dv2000 series which majored by HP as notebook mobile for computing needed. Black piano polish with line pattern makes beautiful the notebook physical as a whole and this pattern used also by other HP “dv” series. Besides design, HP also gives enough features, started from output facility; S-video and VGA, HDMI, card reader, wireless, expansion slot and multimedia.

Multimedia factor looks dominant in Pavilion dv2608TX by adding Altec Lansing speaker along the length of LCD 14,1" below panel. In the result, sound produced of course more energetically if compared to as of class notebook. HP also applies QuickPlay system by providing quick button to access photo, music, and DVD movie. Just need to touching the button hence you can swiftly enjoys the multimedia feature.

To support the performance, Pavilion dv2608TX uses Core 2 Duo T7250 (2GHz) processor which fused with DDR2 1GB memory and GeForce 8400M-GS graphic chip. But for VGA only provided 64MB internal memory because assumed has fulfilled for notebook requirement. WEI notes (Windows Experience Index) from bundled Windows Vista Home Premium reaches 3,5 which meaning its computing is still pertained medium only, not for serious gaming.

Its fair enough to compares the Pavilion dv2608TX ability with Asus F9S which having equivalents enough specification (except F9S uses Core 2 Duo T7500 and 7800mAh battery). Audio-video speed average test is equal enough and only diverse in second calculation only. Big difference only at battery endurance, by relying on 4-cell battery, dv2608TX is exhausted quicker in around 20-40 minutes compared to F9S which using 9-cell. But at least this notebook have been ideal for daily usage, even its weight is felt heavy enough to be brought all day long.

HP Pavilion dv2608TX Review
Price Range: $1399
- Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 (2GHz, 4MB cache, FSB 800Mhz)
- RAM: 1GB, DDR2 PC5300
- Chipset: Intel GM965
- Graphic Card: nVidia GeForce 8400M G
- Harddisk: 160 GB SATA
- Optical Drive: DVD±R DL LightScribe
- Screen: 14,1 inches, 1280x800 pixel
- Soundcard: Connexant CX20549, HD-Audio
- Battery: 4700 mAh
- Dimension: 33,9 x 25,2 x(3,4-4,2) cm
- Weight: 2,48 kg
- Feature: WiFi, Bluetooth, LAN, card reader (5-in-1), USB (2 port), FireWire, Webcam, Express Card, HDMI, VGA-out
- Operation System: Windows Vista Home Premium

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APC UPB80 Review: Backup Battery for Notebook

Possibly you often live at important situation when notebook is required but in fact the battery power is in dying condition. The solution is undoubtedly with brings backup battery when at outdoor or office. The problem, notebook battery is designed according to certain notebook model, causing became separate problem if you had 2 different notebooks. But APC has the solution. They launch a backup battery product that compatible with various notebooks, Universal Notebook Battery (UPB80).

APC UPB80 is Lithium-ion Polymer battery with dimension 25,5x16,5x1,6 cm which is thin enough to inserted in your notebook bag. This battery offers 80-100 watts output power which can back up notebook power till 8 hours (depends on notebook absorption). It’s very easy to use; just connect this module to notebook port power. In its package has been provided various connectors power for notebook like Acer, Apple, Compaq, Dell, Sony, Toshiba, and others.

Even its easy to use, but user need to pay attention also to the output level for notebook which applied because every notebook of course different. UPB80 provides 6 different output types (15-24 volts) which must be selected manually through available switch. To know the energy status, UPB80 which its weight is less than 800 grams is provides power level indicator, so that can be known the available power capacities. Battery charging time to full condition is quickly enough, only 3,5 hours.

APC UPB80 Review
Price range: $200

Battery Output Voltage: 15,16,18,19,20,24
Battery Output Voltage (mAH): 3000 - 4700

Batteries & Runtime
Battery Volt-Amp-Hour Capacity: 88
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
Battery mounting: Stand alone battery stack
Expected Battery Life (years): 2 – 4

Net Weight: 0.91 KG
Maximum Height: 254.00 mm
Maximum Width: 165.00 mm
Maximum depth: 15.00 mm
Shipping Weight: 1.05 KG
Shipping Width: 191.00 mm
Shipping Height: 305.00 mm
Shipping Depth: 51.00 mm
Color: Charcoal
Units per Pallet: 144.00

Operating Environment: 0 - 40 °C
Operating Relative Humidity: 0 - 95%
Operating Elevation: 0-3000 meters
Storage Temperature: -20 - 50 °C
Storage Relative Humidity: 0 - 95%
Storage Elevation: 0-3000 meters

Regulatory Approvals: BSMI,cUL Listed,C-tick,CE,FCC Part 15 Class B,GS Mark,TUV,UL Listed,VCCI
Standard Warranty: 1 year repair or replace

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

HP 2133 Mini-Note PC Review: Eee PC another Competitor

HP 2133 Mini-Note PC
Small laptop markets with cheap price get new participant. Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP), the biggest and in demand personal computer producer (PC) in the world will launch newest mini laptop. The laptop which designed for school student is starts to enter the market next month.

In the presentation yesterday, HP confesses that they will be serious to enter mini laptop business which in advance is dominated by Intel Corp. and Asustek Computer Inc.

"Our newest technology intentionally designed to increase market share in school" said one of HP executive.

According to him, school is the institute that is so needed cheap laptop to increase the quality of education. But, the company which bases in Palo Alto, California, US, affirms that the cheap laptop will not lose important functions. The product which named as Mini-Note will be equipped by sophisticated feature, like the other HP laptop has. Especially for the internet and word processing job.

With 8,9 inches screen measure and weight less than 1,4 kgs, the cheapest Mini-Note series is sold at the price US$ 499 with bases on Linux operating system. Mini-Note will get costlier Windows Vista. Processor speed starts from 1,0 GHz until 1,6 GHz is made by via Technologies, one of famous microprocessor producer in the world.

The feature which absence in Mini-Note, compared to other laptop, is the optical drive for DVD and CD-ROM.

Mini-Note will compete hardly with Classmate from Intel and Eee PC from Asustek. Moreover, with XO laptop made by company from Cambridge, Massachusetts, US, One laptop per Child. Intel sells thousand units of Classmate since launched last year.

HP 2133 Mini-Note PC (KR922UT) Review
Price range: Price: $499.00
Operating system: SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10
Processors available: VIA C7-M ULV processor (1.0 GHz, 128 KB L2 cache, 400 MHz FSB)
Memory: 512 MB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
Hard drive: 4 GB Flash Module
Display size: 8.9-inch diagonal WXGA
Graphics: VIA Chrome 9
Integrated camera: VGA camera
Wireless: Broadcom 802.11b/g
Network interface: 10/100/1000 NIC
Weight: 2.8 lb (1.27 kg)
Dimensions: 255 x 165 x 27 mm
Audio: ADI1984HD High Definition CODEC; 24-bit DAC; Integrated stereo speakers; Stereo headphone/line out; Stereo microphone in
Ports:2 USB 2.0, 1 microphone in, 1 headphone/line-out, 1 external VGA monitor, 1 RJ-45, 1 AC power
Slots: 1 Express Card/54, 1 secure digital
Battery: 3-cell (28 WHr) high capacity Lithium-Ion

Other Mini-Note Specs Link

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

HP Pavilion TX1209 Review: New Tablet PC from HP

HP Pavilion TX1209
Do you still remember about Tablet PC? This gadget form is like notebook, but has touch screen, so the input process - like writing or drawing - can be done above the screen uses stylus. But if you rather forgot with Tablet PC, we can understand it. The Tablet PC popularity nowadays is decline if compared to the launch time in 2002. IDC data also shows that sale of Tablet PC in 2007 is around 3,3 million units, or only 1,2% from total sale of all PC in around the world.

But the Tablet PC sale fact doesn't make big manufacturer delays their newest Tablet PC launch. One of it is HP which launches Pavilion TX1209. This US$ 1484 gadget has 12,1 inches screen with widescreen format, and equipped by AMD Turion TL-58 (1,9GHz), RAM DDR2 1GB and graphic card nVidia GeForce 6150 (onboard).

First time use it, we directly impressed with HP accuracy in designing this gadget. To change from notebook to Tablet PC, the process is so easy because the axis which felt smooth and flexible to be turned around. You wouldn’t get difficulty to change screen display (from landscape to portrait position and on the contrary), because the existence of arrow symbolic button in screen side. HP also carefully designs every button (Power, WiFi, and the multimedia application) in sides of notebook so that easy to access in notebook and also Tablet PC mode.

But when applies it, we also discovers some TX1209 lacking, mainly when working as Tablet PC. One of them its weight which reaching 2,1 kgs, so heavy for 12,1 inches notebook class. Besides we also discover that the air output from heat firing canal felt hot enough. Both constraints make the usage of this peripheral as Tablet PC felt unable to please.

Its performance as notebook also can be said average. The battery endurance is also less ideal if you often apply this peripheral outside room.

Honestly, we are not a Tablet PC fans, and the presence of HP Pavilion TX 1290 not changing our opinion. In performance side, this product is not special, and still be added by it weight and temperature which bothering it use. The presence of Multi-touch touch screen technology applied by iPhone also makes touch screen technology in tablet PC felt very old.

HP Pavilion TX1209 Review
Price range: $1484
Processor: AMD Turion64 X2 TL-58 (1,9GHz)
Graphic Card: nVidia GeForce Go 6150
Harddisk: 160GB, SATA
Optical drive: DVD Writer SuperMultu (DVD±R 8x)
Display: 12,1 inci (1280x800 pixel)
Sound card: HD Audio, Realtek ALC62
Dimension: 30,6x22,6x4 cm
Weight: 2,1 kg
Feature: WiFi, Bluetooh, Card reader, USB (3 port), WebCam (1,3MP), Express Card, S-Video, Fingerprint scanner, Expansion Port 3

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Xacti CA65 Review: Another Waterproof Camcorder

Xacti CA65
Here you are the 6 megapixel pocket camcorder which great for rain season. Not only drizzling rain, brought to snorkeling until 1,5 meter deep, or even having snow skating also not a problem. Its unnecessary protects this Sanyo Xacti CA65 in underwater casing when recording video clip.

Be knowledgeable, this camcorder with 2,5 inch TFT LCD which able to be turned around to 285º have been water proof designed. So in rain, swims and also when snorkeling, you can be still record without need to worry your camcorder to become broken.

But, Sanyo reminds in order not to souse this Xacti CA65 in water for more than one hour, as well as having to lets it minimum 10 minutes dry before using it again. Other note is to pay attention to water temperature, which may not be above than 40ºC. Of course, battery slot and memory card may not be opened applies wet hand.

Its Super Macro Mode enabling shot in around 1cm distance from subject when lens arranged at wide angle. For long shot, use its 5X optical zoom. When recording video (VGA, 640x480), photo at 6 megapixel resolution also can be taken. Moreover, 6 megapixel pictures can be taken at ISO 1600.

With 7,04x11,14x4,05 cm dimension, CA65 is not too big when grasped so that can accompanies you to record anywhere. This Xacti CA65 which using Secure Digital memory card is available in three color choices: white, yellows, and turquoise.

Xacti CA65 Review
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Sony Ericsson Z555i Review: Stylish Clamshell

Sony Ericsson Z555i
Candybar phone of course has many fans, but Sony Ericsson has never forgotten clamshell phone line. Z555i is presented by Sony Ericsson to complement the line of fold phone product and sweet design product.

A statement of style, it is the slogan carried by Z555i. The design is unique with diamond pattern. Not merely expressing its user style, but also to draw the attention. This triband phone comes up in two color choices: Diamond Black and Dusted Rose.

But Z555i it’s not simply styles, inside it is be full of innovative feature, Gesture Control. Through this feature you can inactive the ring tone or "snooze" alarm function only by wave the hand above this 95x49x16mm gadget. I think it’s would easier compared to Shake Control at W580i.

Moreover, Dynamic Theme which will change the appearance according to season! Color and design from phone theme, system menu, and Home screen can change automatically every year changes. This is not impossible thing because it connected with Z555i calendar feature.

Z555i applies 2 screens. Inside, Sony Ericsson installs 1,9 inch TFT screen, 176x220 pixel. In the outside it use monochrome (128x36 pixel) screen which will hidden when phone isn’t in an active condition.

Other Z555i feature is standard. Besides 1,3MP camera, this 95 grams gadget also supports EDGE, FM radio and music file player feature. Its internal memory which only 12MB can be said too minimum even Sony Ericsson is offer expansion slot for Memory Stick Micro memory card type. Yes, these not yet 3G phones of course makes the style lover as main target.

Sony Ericsson Z555i Review
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Friday, April 4, 2008

Sleeptracker Review: Not Ordinary Watch Alarm

Many people now depend on alarm as a gadget to rouse from sleep. They use hand watch, organizer, cellphone or PDA.

But, frequently the alarm sound is neglectful. Sometime they only shutdown the sound, then is fallen asleep again.

To avoid this awful case, a new hand watch is created. Its name is Sleeptracker. This watch will rouse the user at the most effective and accurate time.

Sleeptracker can monitor body signals, what indicates the user is sleeping or is being in a active condition. It detects through a sensor which watching body physical signals.

Then Sleeptracker will determine the right time to rouse its user. So, the business would effective.

Bases on theoretical which becoming Sleeptracker creation base, when sleep usually someone through some steps. First phase is luminosity sleep phase.

Second phase is a phase when someone is sleeps more well-sleep. As for at third and fourth phase, someone is enter delta phase (delta sleep). In this phase people is asleep considerably well-sleep.

The next phase is rapid eye movement (REM), which located between the awaking condition and first phase. At this phase people is dreaming.

This step marked with psychological change and symptoms, like brain activity improvement, respiration acceleration, faster eye movement, and muscle relaxation.

In one sleep periods along eight hours, in average adult are experiences 4-5 steps cycles. But, every body has different cycle. This influenced by some factors, among others gender, diet, athletics, drug consumption, alcohol, and stress.

So, among the cycle, there are certain momentums when someone almost awakes. This condition can be triggered by external influence, like noise sound.

But condition of almost awakes usually happened at REM phase. This happened briefest, that is around 20 seconds only. So, at the time is very effective to be aroused someone.

Sleeptracker also sounds the alarm voice or vibration feature. The user would easy to be aroused from its sleep.

Do not like ordinary alarm setting, Sleeptracker user must determine certain time period when alarm is on. The watch will check off the momentum to almost awake with the alarm period setting.

With the method, man who aroused also will feel fresher when he really awaking. "I have proved that I can wake up with fresh without feeling Lethargy," said Seoung-Koo Y. from Lynchburg, Virginia, one of Sleeptracker user.

Sleeptracker is available in two models: Sleeptracker standard (US$ 149) and Sleeptracker Pro (US$ 179).

Both is water proof. But, Sleeptracker standard only be equipped by alarm. As for model Pro is equipped also with vibration feature

Not only that, Sleeptracker Pro also can record the user data when is being in asleep condition for then transfer it through USB cable. User also can evaluate and analyses its condition at the time of sleep.

Sleeptracker Review
Price range: Sleeptracker standard (US$ 149), Sleeptracker Pro (US$ 179).
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Electrolux Inspiro Review: Smart Oven

Electrolux Inspiro
Imagine how hard to grilling cake or food in oven if we don’t know the best temperature and right time to give the fine result. If oven can do itself, maybe only Electrolux which able to make it.

Newest oven made by Electrolux named Inspiro. It can automatically determine correct way to cook and produces result wanted.

It has program which arranging temperature based on the food type in it.

Not like conventional way, that is air temperature is measured with thermometer and implemented regularly by thermostat, Inspiro applies sensor. This is the sensor which calculating most accurate combination between energy consumptions and time required to yield correct temperature.

This way similar to automatic digital camera works. Camera automatically arranges lens diaphragm, shutter speed, and focus based on lighting level and its photo object.

"When auto-exposure and auto-focus can be said as new feature at camera, quite a few people who is skeptic," said Hans Stråberg, Electrolux Chief Executive Officer. "But, along with time, auto-focus has been received and now becomes the standard feature."

Straberg tells furthermore, as at camera, Inspiro oven user only needs to push one buttons for professional result.

To cooks mutton. For example, user chooses roasting category at the oven touch control. User also can choose will the mutton be cooked in rare, medium, or well done.

Then oven will indicate the correct level to grill the flesh. Oven itself is still in cool condition.

Go from this chill start, Inspiro calculates energy consumption and time required to boost up flesh temperature until cooked level wanted.

The information then is combined with cooking technique database which saves in oven to calculate warm-up mode combination required for result wanted, for example, top, under, beside, hot weather, or grills.

When cooks process completed, oven will stop automatically. It also soon releases warning for user that food has ready to be presented.

"With Inspiro, Electrolux has transferred professional cooking technique to houses," said Christian Mittermeier, a famous chef in Germany. "No oven which able to combine top, under, beside, and grills by one menus without stopping and turning on again its oven."

According to figure which has applied Inspiro in its house and restaurant, the oven can work with high precision level. It also can be applied easily by common people. If wish to cook conventionally, Inspiro also provides manual mode.

As bonus, Electrolux provides a number of recipes in its site ( for Inspiro buyer. The recipe for example, tar apple for the vegetarian, chicken curry with mint, baked sheep with Mediterranean vegetable, and muffin. Inspiro would available in market with the price of around $2000.

Electrolux Inspiro Review
Price range: $2000
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eMotion Solar Review: Solar Energy Media Player

eMotion Solar
Global warming danger has triggered various people to move on, starts from ex vice president of USA Al Gore till Hollywood celebrity, like Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, and Leonardo DiCaprio, active in anti global warming campaign.

Gadget producer also partakes to provide environmental friendly product. Nokia has owned a cell phone concept which all of the material comes from recycle material. Besides, chip manufacturer Texas Instrument has planned to launch solar energy phone in this year.

MediaStreet Company also has the same spirit. They recently launch a solar energy music player and portable video, so called eMotion Solar. But the device doesn’t can only play music, photo, and video, it also able to play Nintendo game, Game Boy, Sega, and reads e-book.

Actually, this gadget has comes up first time Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas, United States, January. Now, it has been sold in United States at the price of US$ 160 (1 GB), US$ 170 (2 GB), and US$ 190 (4 GB).

The design is not as sweet as the other media player, like iPod Touch, iRiver Clix, or Creative Zen Vision W. Its body is fat and having cochlea. When its cochlea is opened, a couple of solar cell will seen fulfills the both sides.

Just like PlayStation Portable or Game Boy, the gadget is equipped by navigation button on the left, and on the right is the face buttons, which consist of X, circle, box, and triangle button. The interface display is simple - if don’t want to be called awful.

It only plays MP3, WMA, WAV, and AMR music file format. Meanwhile, supported video file is AVI (25 frame per second) with resolution quality 320 x 240 pixels. This 3 inches media player cannot play AAC and DivX files. When playing around bonus clip from MediaStreet, video quality yielded is very good.

This gadget is also equipped with embedded classic game, like Super Mario Bros and Contra Force (Nintendo) and also Raiden Triad and Fighter 2 (Sega). It can play pictures with JPEG, BMP, and GIF file format. As for e-book feature not only as text reader, but is also equipped with text to speech reading feature in Chinese and English.

Besides USB port, this gadget has two headphone jack port and equipped with internal speaker. Unhappily, eMotion Solar do not provide special button to control the volume. Although provides SD Card memory slot, it do not support SDHC, so that user can only add memory capacity until 2 GB.

But, it has feature which not owned by other portable media player when running out the energy, that is battery energy refilling with only confronts its cochlea towards sunshine.
By putting it to the sun during 12-15 hours, this media player can be run in around 9 hour. Even, in a zero battery condition, eMotion Solar remain to playable during it stays precise under the sunshine.

From the energy which get from the sun, it also able to function as battery filler for other electronic gadget that using Lithium Ion battery. For example Apple iPod, various phone, PDA, laptop, or digital camera.

eMotion Solar Review
Price range: $169
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