Thursday, August 2, 2007


The latest low-end ink jet all-in-one (AIO) from Dell is slower than the unit it replaces, produces lower-quality output, and costs $10 more. But the 926 is still fairly fast, and it’s a solid choice for a budget AIO if you can make do with less-than-perfect output.

The 926 can copy, scan, and print from PictBridge cameras and memory cards. It can scan to e-mail, and, if you have a fax modem, the 926 can scan to its own fax utility on your PC and send the scan as a fax. It lacks an ADF, so you have to load documents one page at a time.

Text printing was below par, even for an ink jet. Small type was full of flaws including broken lines, filled-in loops in letters, and varying line thickness. Graphics were good enough for internal business use, though with visible flaws. Photo output was inconsistent, though okay for snapshots. Dell claims a 100-year lifetime for the 926s photos in dark storage. Prints are fairly resistant to water and smudging. The 926 is a reasonable choice as a low-priced AIO for home, dorm, or home office. It does the job, as long as you don’t need high-quality outputs.

Dell Photo All-In-One Printer 926: $99

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